Celo Connect in Barcelona Blockchain Week

This coming week FLAN is celebrating Blockchain week at Celo Connect, an event held in Barcelona that is sure to take your cryptocurrencies for a spin!

Held at the historical La Llotja de Mar, Celo Connect is sure to inspire for a brighter future with its healthy mixture of mental and soulful activities. FLAN co-founders will be attending the 5-days event and ready to mingle with fellow startup founders and crypto enthusiasts. 

The event is expected to be a power hub for startups such as FLAN that are embracing the challenges of a newfound financial system and trying to find ways to upgrade into the future. While Celo projects are varied and tackle different sectors such as health, environment, and connectivity, they all aim at creating financial inclusion and empowerment of communities via blockchain. Celo Connect will be a great way for innovators to exchange knowledge, share their stories, and learn from a pool of great minds found under the same roof.

FLAN co-founders Majdy and Ghassan are looking forward to this exciting event and can be found throughout the entire week for a meet up or chat. If you’re there, make sure to hit them up and learn more about FLAN!