We're thrilled to announce that Flan has secured a spot in the Metaverse Accelerator Programme, a prestigious initiative by the DIFC Innovation Hub. This hub serves as a powerhouse for technology and stands as the region's leading community for innovation. Joining this vibrant community of forward-thinking pioneers is an honour we deeply value.

Adding to the excitement, we're diving head-first into the transformative journey under the Metaverse Accelerator Programme. This global invitation to startups aims at shaping the future of digital communication, namely, the Metaverse. We're immensely proud to align with the UAE's vision of becoming a global vanguard in the Metaverse economy, which promises to redefine the future for the region and the world.

Countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are investing significantly in the Metaverse, housing numerous startups and companies focused on this new digital realm. This groundbreaking technology holds the potential to revolutionise industries like education, healthcare, and tourism. With its young demographic and strong digital infrastructure, the Middle East region is well-positioned to reap immense benefits from the Metaverse. We're exhilarated to be part of this tremendous leap in the field, regionally and globally!

This summer, we're teaming up with other innovative startups for a stimulating three-month expedition. It began with a launch event and bootcamp, and is leading to collaborative pitch sessions with sponsors, and we're building momentum for the grand Metaverse Launchpad Demo Day in September. Our cohort includes the following pioneers: Duverse, Cognitive Technologies, NNTC Innovative Technology Company, Intelligent Assist, Evometa, Artichoke Labs, ShopDoc, Daoversal, & Gopal. It's inspiring to work side by side with these trailblazers.

As we navigate this path, we anticipate meeting inspiring mentors, collaborating with ambitious startups, and shaping the imminent Metaverse landscape. The Metaverse Accelerator Programme promises an array of endless possibilities and groundbreaking innovation. We can't wait to embark on this journey, and we're thrilled at the opportunity of contributing to the growth of the region's digital economy.