FLAN is excited to announce its participation in the Celo Camp run of 2022!

Each year, the Celo Foundation collaborates with Upright to offer a unique opportunity for a select number of high-potential teams to interact with like-minded entrepreneurs in a creative and driven environment, to discuss their ideas and projects and get specialized mentorship on their projects. 

Celo Camp aims at providing an acceleration and mentorship program to teams that have products or services that build on an open monetary system, much like how FLAN is making use of cryptocurrency and decentralization to facilitate payments and governance. Celo Camp also provides an avenue for founders and builders to benefit from the knowledge and experiences of industry professionals and leaders. The program’s weekly assignments ensure a results-oriented approach that is enhanced by strategic support aimed at dissecting a startup's operations and optimizing it.

Having been selected to participate in this camp, the FLAN team is thrilled at having the chance to benefit from the mentorship of industry leaders, gain access to technological and business support, and get exposed to investment opportunities. The team is looking forward to connecting with other entrepreneurs and innovators within the Celo ecosystem who share in Celo’s vision of contributing positively to a world of financial inclusion and building an open and inclusive financial system.

The camp officially kicked-off earlier this week on Monday the 25th of April and the FLAN team is buckling up for an exciting journey ahead!

Stay tuned to FLAN’s journey at Celo Camp as we will be sharing insights and more exciting news!