Who is a Freelancer?

A freelancer is an individual who engages in supplemental, temporary projects, or contract-based work. Essentially, a freelancer is an independent professional in control of when to work, with whom, and where.

The term is currently on the rise with many professionals seeking ways to complement their income or change their lifestyles to something a bit more flexible. In 2018, 38% of Americans were freelancing, with the expectation that about 90 million Americans will turn to freelancing by 2028!

There are several types of freelancers, but they can all be distinguished in reference to one major factor: permanent employment. Some professionals choose to freelance full time without the added stress of a full time job, whereas others tend to work a fulltime job and freelance as a side hustle, or part-time as freelancing professionals. While each option has its own pros and cons depending on an individual’s situation, freelancing offers a very wide range of opportunities on multiple scales especially with the world’s growing dependence on the internet.

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