Payments and Invoices

Set Up Payment Methods

When you create a FLAN profile, you will have the option of choosing to either pay or get paid via fiat money or crypto currency.

On your profile page on the platform, a 'connect wallet' button will appear on your top left corner of the screen the first time you enter your profile. There you can connect your digital wallet, such as Metamask, to access funds for payment or collection of payment. To change your wallet or payment method later on, you can access the settings tab under Payment.

In the case where you want to convert fiat money into the cryptocurrency, cUDS, you can use the Swap tab found on the left sidebar.

Requesting a price Quotation

In the case where a project is published without an assigned price, the client has to request a price quotation from the designer whom they've accepted their application to the project ticket. The designer will have to respond with a price so that the client can either approve or reject their offer.

Invoicing a Client

As a designer, once you submit that a task iscompleted on the dashboard then a notification will appear on the client’s profile.The client must approve the deliverable and verify the payment transaction.Once they do, the designer is automatically paid the due amount in the paymentmethod previously chosen.

Invoices are automatically generated and canbe viewed from the client’s dashboard. The invoice will appear in the historyof transactions box and can be downloaded with an invoice format. Designers canalso access the transactions history in their dashboard, same as clients.

Paying a Designer

The mothership page ofyour FLAN profile is where you have information and updates on any of projecttickets you have. If a deliverable assigned to a designer is submitted, anotification will appear there, or appear in the notifications button on the topright corner of your screen. If you approve the delivery of the task, a paymentalert will appear from which you can immediately pay the predetermined fee viacryptocurrency or fiat money


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