How to Get Started

Want to find the best designer for your metaverse project, here’s how:

1- Sign up with your email and phone number

2- Create your Project Ticket

3- Hire

Getting your Project Out There

1-     Create a ticket

At the Flan platform, you can publish a project once you create a profile, we refer to advertising your project as submitting a project ‘ticket’. When logged in to your profile, you can create a project ticket by clicking on the star icon on the right menu bar of your screen. The star icon will take you to a blank ticket that you can immediately fill in and publish.

2-     Filling a description of the scope of work, select appropriate tags, and identify a price

The more precise the description in your ticket, the better your chances of being approached by more suitable designers, so upload a cover image and choose an appropriate name for your ticket. You can also add a brief description about what you require the designer to perform,and you can select tags that optimize the search process for designers. We recommend that you choose tags that cover the scopes covered in your project.

It is also important to assign a location, duration, and budget for your ticket, you have the option of setting either a price range, a set price, or keep it unassigned for the time being.

3-     Publish your ticket

Once you’ve completed your project ticket, you can immediately publish your ticket and start waiting for designers to apply.

You can view the status of your ticket on the mothership page of the platform, which you can access via the spaceship icon on the left sidebar of your screen.


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