Referrals on FLAN are a great way to create apassive income source for yourself. It is activated when you recommend a new designerto an employer or vice versa on the platform. You can also invite others intothe platform by inserting their email address on the referrals page. This isalso mentioned in your profile activation page where you can insert the name/email of the person who invited you to FLAN.


You can utilize this feature by simplyentering the referral page via the left sidebar on your screen, where you cancopy the referral link and send it to the person hiring a designer or to thedesigner applying for a ticket. The designer must input the link when biddingfor a project ticket.


An employer must insert this link into thespace assigned when hiring a designer.

Getting a designer hired by an employer on theplatform will earn you a 10usd from the first ticket.

If you refer a client, you can get 2% of the total tickets value for the duration oftheir first year, which you will earn after the completion of each project.

To check your referral earnings, go to thereferral tracker on the Referral page.


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